And The World Will Know You… And Regret It.

July 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was talking with my wife this past Sunday at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. It was brunch and we couldn’t help but notice how calm and pleasant the atmosphere was and how happy and in good spirits the waiters seemed to be. It’s because churches have not let out yet. It is common knowledge in the restaurant business that church folks are rudest, most demanding, and impatient kinds of folks to deal with. (not to mention bad tippers) If you have ever worked as a waiter in college or at a coffee shop you will know what I am talking about.

My wife tells me how she used to work at Pappa Johns in high school. She said that they used to get calls from a mega-church in the South Asheville area, Biltmore Baptist, asking them to cut the pizzas that they ordered into thirteen slices (the usually come in ten). They were trying to turn a profit off of the pizzas by charging three dollars for a miniaturized slice. When the managers at Pappa Johns refused saying that it was unethical and against their policy, the church officials threatened to verbally defame them to the entire congregation and hence potentially put them out of business. The managers ended up cutting the pizza for them. These same church officials even threatened the owners of a small Italian restaurant when they came one Sunday and their usual table was taken. They told the manager to move the family with seven kids to move to different tables, which they did due to fear of the churches influence. I only know this because the family that they told to move are some close friends ours. I guess the church officials fat asses couldn’t be supported by any other table that the restaurant owned…

I used to feel certain degree of respect for these types of churches given the massive undertaking involved in running a mega-corporation. Too many times young churches are done incompetently being that the pastor is young enough to actually believe what he is preaching and is therefore disadvantaged by being divorced from reality. He makes dumb decisions and alienates people due to the sincerity of this beliefs. An experienced pastor is either the master of compartmentalizing or he does not really buy what he is saying and has learned how to put on a good show. (most pastors realize what I have been saying on this blog a few years into the ministry but are too lazy or embarrassed to learn a different trade) At least the experienced and doubting pastor can function in reality. But now I have lost that respect I once have felt towards the competent mega-church officials who are, at least, good at running a business. But what good is it to be competent at the “ministry” if you loose your competency at being a decent human being?


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