Blocked Chokuras

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I think my purpose is.  A part of me feels annoyed about this.  There is this crazy notion in the back of every 29 year olds mind that tells them that they should have figured this out already.  That they are something less than their peers if they linger in doubt about that particular subject at this age.  That is natural, but it’s also wrong too.   I’m starting to think that if you blame yourself for asking bigger questions then you are by definition NOT an honest person, and you might probably need a nice swift kick in the ass.

Not to be too hard on these folks, I am one of them, but it is something that can block you from growing emotionally, psychologically, or even spiritually I believe.  If you settle for you plight just out of sheer impassivity, then well, that is kinda sad.  Don’t surprised if everything starts to bore you at this point if you ever as unfortunately to find yourself there.  If something isn’t growing or is being revitalized, it is by definition dying.  I know this may sound morbid but that is exactly my point.

Never stop growing, never stop doubting if you must.  Doubt your doubts especially.  Life is precious and a gift despite what you may believe, even if it is hard and you find yourself entering the game late.  I love all of you know who read this and know what I am talking about.  Please never give up on your purpose, for it is a very slow death if you do.


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