Souls of Whom We Are Not Deserving

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I heard a lot of talk lately about the president.  About how he’s not doing his job and about how his policies aren’t working.  I honestly feel a little surprised every time I hear these sort of things come out of people’s mouths.  Maybe it’s because I want to think the best of people if I can help it, but anyone who is that short-sighted is disappointing to me.  I guess that’s why I’ve disappointed in America as a nation for its serious lack of self-reflection.

Why is it that anyone thinks that the Republican Party cares about them?  Does anyone really think that Republicans believed that by turning a blind eye to almost all regulation on corporations of the WTO, that they were doing us a favor?  Do we really believe that corporations, if left to their own, would care about investing in this country?  Do we really believe that corporations care about effect of outsourcing on the middle class?  Do we really think that it is a coincidence that as soon as Obama was confirmed president-elect, and started threatening government regulation, that gas prices dropped all around the country about a dollar?  Do we think that Bushes ties to oil had no bearing on his policies as president?  Is it possible that the Republican party might not have calculated the effect of uncontrolled fuel prices on shipping costs for the entire US economy?  Is is entirely possible that the streamlining of corporations might be directly related to this?  Do we really believe that corporations really just want to pay people a decent wage but can’t?  Has that been your experience?  Is it possible  that Republican Party might stand something to gain something by the weakening of the middle class?  Would Republicans have done something by now about abortion in the last 16 years of power if really believed it was a such a moral issue?  It is possible that abortion may actually be the bread and butter of the Republican party being that the majority of abortions are by teenage mothers for can’t afford to take care of their babies, and would therefore be state-aid candidates?  Or do we really think that career politicians mean every word that they say?

I’m sure that they are all just trying to do ‘Gods will’ and can’t because of all us who disagree are just plain evil…


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