A Sigh Of Relief

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

My dad made it back from India today and I’m relieved to say the least.  I had spent the entire weekend worrying about him and his safety.  He had gone with several members of his church on a medical mission trip to Calcutta and to a village near the jungle of Bengal.  The reason for my worrying was a terrible nightmare that I had.

My father and I didn’t have the best of exchanges before he made left, I won’t get into the details of it out of respect for him but I we both were pretty hurt when he left.  Things were said that never should be.  I was angry with him for leaving the country to go to such a dangerous place with our relationship being so injured.  I didn’t want the words that we had spoken to be the last that we would ever say to each other.

On the morning of my birthday was when I had my nightmare.  I was standing over my dads hospital bed and he was badly injured and almost not even recognizable.  The image was disturbing but for some reason I was more heartbroken than mortified in my dream.  When I woke I said nothing of it to Maranda my wife, figuring that it was just a bad dream.  Then later in the day I get a call from a switchboard in Oklahoma; it’s my father.  He had called me to wish me a happy birthday and say that he loved me.  I was just glade to hear that he was okay.  I forgot all my anger and I was just glade to be hearing his voice.  He did however tell me about how dangerous the area had been getting.  He said that because of the publicity that the National Burn a Koran day had gotten, extremists in the area were riled-up and had shot and killed to tourists in the area.  He had also told me that where they had been doing a conference there was protest outside and that someone had thrown a brick through a window.

Maranda looked about as concerned as I was being that she too had a dream that dad was in trouble that night as well.  When she told me this I was quite scared, thinking it all could be just one big coincidence, but frightened that it might not be.  I tried to urge my dad to come home earlier but he said that they couldn’t do that being that they’re tickets were set.  When we got off I wanted to call him back to try to urge him to come home again but I couldn’t because I didn’t have his number.  I’ve never been so worried in my life.  Two long days later he arrives back in the US and I am relieved.  There may have been no point whatsoever to my dream, the coincidence and all that, but I can safely say that I don’t really care if there is a point to any of it at all; I’m just glade I got my father back.


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