Respecting Ground Zero

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Unfortunately, it feels like war again here in the United States…  Whenever I start hearing messages on T.V. that have to do with some radical spokesperson talking loud and passionately about rallying people to fight against general ideas, as opposed to particular issues, I know it’s mobilization time.  And nothing appears to unite people more in this country right now than fear.

It seems like this time it’s the Muslims that are on the chopping block.  Not terrorists, not political extremists, but Muslims.  All this talk about how it is ‘disrespectful’ to have a mosque near ground zero is proof of that.  The crazy thing is that no one seems to be paying attention to the real disrespect going on.  I couldn’t think of anything more disrespectful than for conservative leaders such as Sarah Palin and Glen Beck throwing a beer-festival to ‘commemorate 9/11’, while at the same time conservative leaders vote to withhold healthcare to the families and firefighters who were victimized by the attacks.

To this day, ten years later, if you go to ground zero you will not find anything in the way of a memorial; no plaques, no list of names, no commemorative fountain to speak of.  What you will find is a baseball field of twisted metal, clay, and rusting construction equipment surrounded by a barbed-wire fence.  It’s disgraceful and embarrassing, but these latest antics from the Becks and Palins of this world are an insult to injury.

If we are going to protest a Mosque being built around the corner and three blocks away from ground zero, clump all Muslims together, then we have to go ahead clump all the Christians too.  If we are going to talk about how it is an insult to have a mosque owned by a community of law-abiding, peace-loving Muslims that have been residents of NYC for over 50 years; then all christian churches should be removed from the surrounding area as well for all the heinous acts of terror committed in the name of Christendom.  After all if would be disrespectful to have any building around the corner that condoned acts of terror such as the Salem witch-hunts, the Inquisition, Crusades, raping, torturing, and genocide for hundreds of years.

My point is we didn’t get out of the dark ages by marginalizing every Christian and Christianity as a religion, we did it through education and through the Enlightenment.  If we are to show our respect for the families of those lost at 9/11, we should do so taking a good long look at the rubble of ground zero and thinking of how we are to bring something beautiful out of something very ugly; arm in arm with our Muslim brothers and sisters.


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