Original Gangster Joel Osteen

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Whoever originally thought it to be good idea to start telling people that his ideas were ‘the will of God’ must have been a true American. I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump is even jealous of that guy.  He would definite get his own reality T.V. show if he were alive today.    It’d be full of him getting people to do ridiculous things like whipping themselves, rubbing ashes all over their faces, wearing potato sacks, and all sorts of other funny things.  He’d be rich too.  He get them to give him 10% of their weekly paycheck and live in the nicest palace in town.  He’d be s a high roller for sure.  I’m pretty sure he drove a flashy red Mercedes chariot, wore dark sunglasses, and had a signature fragrance in the temple stores.

Reminiscent?  I saw Joel Osteen the other day on the tube and I had to watch.  He used to make me angry.  In my zealot days he was downright infuriating.  I hated how he just made-up Bible verses, and completely took scripture out of context to promote his sort of die-hard optimism-health and wealth type of preaching.  I believed it was antithetical of the  message of the gospels.  It is mostly, but no one really cares.  He’s a true American, I guess that matters more in Texas where his church is based.

In America, if it sells, then it is Truth.  Nothing is really scared anymore.  We have contraception and bowl movement commercials showered on us in between sitcoms about family alienation and their struggle against it.  Then after the show we watch news reports about the awful thing that happened that day, (you know the one about the mother who drowned her infant, or the genocide that’s going on some remote corner of the earth) then the reporter makes a one liner comment about how it’s sad or tragic it is, and then we are immediately off to talk about Jessica Simpson’s sex life to cheer us all up.

This shocking lack of self-reflection is to be expected of the media, but now I see that it is no less shocking coming from the American church either.  I don’t believe Joel Osteen is a Christian, not in the evangelical sense of the word, but I do think that he believes that he is doing good in his own way.  I’m pretty sure his predecessor would be proud.


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