Blue Like Donald Miller

September 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s gotta be hard, being a writer and needing to eat.  I can’t imagine the pressure one might feel if the lively hood of your life depended upon book sales.  I can just imagine myself writing and then rewriting a single sentence believing that my next car payment depended on it, and if I chose the wrong line then my car will be taken away from me.  Sound paranoid?  Sure..  but I’m guessing it’s not as far from the truth as you might think.  This is probably the only legitimate reason I can think right now that makes me feel less disappointed with Don Miller right now.  I guess I wouldn’t feel more than ambivalent about the guy if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been one of the few authors that has been able to grab my attention long enough to speak to me on a meaningful level.

He’s a good writer for sure.  I had a friend once give him the greatest of compliments when he said that he said, “Don Miller writes books the way I would write them if I could write good.”  Though my friend losses points for grammar it’s not a bad compliment.  I can grant that it’s entirely possible that my general disappointment comes from other sources right now, but I can safely say that even if I wasn’t feeling generally let down by friends and family right now I would most likely be pretty disturbed by that I saw when I looked on his blog site here.

Demographic research?  Advertising kits?  What the hell?  This sort of thing is not new to the motivational speaker world, or religion for that matter, but it certainly feels slimy coming from Don Miller.  In his books he talks about the nature of marketing how it’s more designed to sell you insecurities than products.  I couldn’t agree more.  He talks about how contrived it feels to sit in a church and notice how the music and lights are timed perfectly to illicit emotion and how it all feels so plastic.  You would assume that someone who professes these kinds sentiments wouldn’t try to market themselves in similar ways.

That’s the crazy thing about all this.  A large reason Don Miller has done pretty well for himself is largely due to the fact that his notoriety was spread via word of mouth.  I myself bought 10 copies and gave them out at a community center group book meeting that I lead because I thought that people probably wouldn’t get a chance otherwise.  Those people then gave copies of their friends when they were done.  Christian markets didn’t want to touch him at first, neither did anyone else it seemed.  Now that he’s all over the book shelves of B&N it looks as if he’s fallen victim to the marketing monster that is the business of religion.  But then again I guess it’s easy to judge when you aren’t a writer and your paycheck doesn’t depend on you going along with things that you don’t believe in.


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§ 2 Responses to Blue Like Donald Miller

  • william wallace says:

    I wrote a few words to your better half/in
    calling your wife your better half was but
    a compliment unto all women / which having
    not gone unnoticed by the Almighty / ALLAH.

    Having read some of your comments / t’woud
    be fair in saying you having the nature of
    John The Baptist //thus your going to find
    fault in all that said to you // no matter
    how wise the words // you must be a great
    challenge to your father /as family /wife
    in that you’ll only bow before GOD as unto
    a messenger of GOD otherwise the games off.

    It be understood to hold such a attitude in
    going against church as political authority
    one can foretel / each life as granted ends
    with your head being presented upon a plate.

    The QUESTION as the answer to the prayers of

    There being but one answer as method of doing
    such /that be you are going to have take your
    focus from the material / as practice the art
    of turning the senses inward where one having
    revealed unfolding of the essence of creation.

    On pc search put in (words of peace) as also
    the( prem rawat foundation )on both sites be
    videos of prem rawat speak at depth upon the
    ongoing growth of human spiritual experience
    as understanding / thus bringing one clarity
    to the purpose of creation /the journey home
    thus all knowledge complete in enlightenment.


    With turning of the senses then understanding
    is not based on ideas /beliefs but in knowing.

    Yet as expected with such knowledge but comes
    greater responsibility in a balanced attitude
    towards those whom seeking truth /as those in
    whom have long having lost even having belief.

    So such be the invitation from Almighty/Allah
    if you are hungry as thirst //come drink & eat
    if wish continue end each life with your head
    presnted upon an plate unto worldly authority
    then so be it // WHAT WOULD YOUR DAD ADVISE ?.

    • william wallace says:

      It would be more a advantage to go beyond the words
      as unto the experience in turning the senses inward
      in experience ending belief giving birth to knowing.

      No amount of words giving a experience of the power
      of creation //yet with practical experience of such
      all questions answered /gone beliefs/ hello knowing.

      Your pointing out the faults of others shall go on
      for eternity /you but give your views agin theirs.

      Religions but having yearly turnover of $billions
      with the promise of entry into a fictional heaven.

      Religion but used for one nation attacking another
      where under the pretence of defending democracy as
      freedom // nations are robbed of natural resources
      puppet govts be set up / hundreds of thousands are
      killed bringing a river of blood as river of tears.

      There be few whom will match your understanding that
      being gained through many lifes / Now you must make
      the ultimate sacrifice / as facing the ultimate test
      exchange lifetimes of understanding /unto experience
      turn senses to practical experience of the spiritual.

      The whole purpose of the creation that planet Earth
      sustain the human form // purpose of the human form
      that via heart / brain there be ongoing growth upon understanding /experience in bringing enlightenment.

      It natural evolution /such present stage of turning
      the senses inwards / hence judge through practical
      experience of such // not that of a debate in words.

      I tell this because you will win debate of words yet
      per’aps fail venture a final judgement by experience
      thus letting an golden oppertunity in life slip past.

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