Letters To My Father

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

My dad wrote me lately.  In his letter he challenged my specific issues regarding the resurrection accounts and their inconsistencies.  He showed a googled explanation about how the accounts might possibly be reconciled.  After reading over the material and thinking about it all day I have to say it is a possible but very improbable explanation.  You can view the link by clicking here.

It’s not a bad theory.  Granted, there are still some pretty big inconsistencies to reckon with, like why in the book of John the resurrected Jesus tells Mary Magdalene to “not hold onto to me” stating the reason that “I haven’t yet ascended into heaven.”  Yet in the book of Matthew it clearly says that when the women see Jesus on the way back to the disciples house they “clasp onto his feet” (Jesus) when he saw sees and greets them.

I’ve heard it explained that what Jesus ‘meant’ to say to Magdalene was that she should not “cling to him too tightly” being that he did not intend on staying on earth.  This might makes sense I guess but then for some reason he allows her and the other women to hold onto him when they see him not long after Magdalene’s encounter.

The probability of it all sounds a bit off to me personally, but then again we are talking about someone raising from the dead and being God..  I want to be open to possibility of it all being true and making sense but it seems so far-fetched.  It seems crazy to me that so many people would have issues in town about hearing Jesus raising from the dead to the point were they would circulate a “lie” about the disciples stealing the body in the middle of the night, (like it says in the book of Matthew) yet in the same book it talks about how when Jesus dies there is a huge earthquake and tombs are opened and deceased saints all go on a nice little joy walk through town to show themselves everyone.  How could anyone circulate a lie that Jesus’s body was stolen if random zombies are already walking around anyway; why would one more zombie be so hard to concede?  It all seems a bit far-fetched.

The pivoting Mary Theory could be the way it all went down, but frankly it sounds more like there are different accounts that where embellished over time and for different political reasons.  The obvious add-on in Mark is a strong indicator of this, being that almost all versions of the Bible are honest enough to admit tampering with the resurrection account.  I don’t want to be a blow-hard about everything but there still seems to be quite a bit a explaining to be done before the resurrection accounts can add up, that is if they ever do.


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