On This Day Two Years Ago..

August 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

I remember the sun popping out at us.  It was an outside wedding.  ‘Cheap’ is what my mother called it, but my wife and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  We always wanted the small, more intimate sort of wedding for just family and close friends and this was the perfect spot for just that.  It was the place of our first kiss, our second date, and now it is where we are getting married today.  It had been raining for the entire week leading up to the day before our wedding and we were kind of freaking out.  The day before however the sun decided to call it quits on its cruel practical joke and came out to dry everything at the Botanical Gardens in time for the ceremony.

I remember walking around this spot nearly a year before staring and pointing at the constellations with Maranda, my wife, and falling in love with her at that exact moment.  Don’t get me wrong. she certainly is easy on the eyes, but it wasn’t until this moment where she is explaining the epic battle between Orion and Taurus (and how she is pulling for Orion to win while pointing out that Taurus’s eye is a red dwarf star and will eventually burn out).  I couldn’t help but just kiss her, right then and there, so I grabbed her and pulled her in close and went for it.  It obviously worked out for me pretty well because now I am standing at the gazebos at the same spot anxiously waiting for beautiful wife to be walk across the stream bridge to join me in marrying me.

She is stunningly beautiful, like a 1920’s actress all elegant and naturally beautiful.  I kinda thought she’d be the one to swell up in tears when she walked on down but instead it is me.  I’m not a big crier; not that there is anything wrong with a grown man expressing his emotions on appropriate occasions like this, but it generally isn’t my defining attribute.  Yet here I am overwhelmed with joy.

Two years later we are in transition.  I have a job interview to be a sous-chef  today and another for a different position and I start my other job tomorrow.  We are temporarily moved in with my in-laws who were gracious enough to put us up for a while.  We are proud parents of a beautiful baby four-month old girl named Daisy.  I have recently had a pretty heartbreaking and disappointing falling out with members of my family and yet I am joyful nonetheless.  We are different people now than we where two years ago on this day yet I find myself even more madly and deeply in love with my wife more than ever.  So I’ve decided I’m going to ask her to marry me again.  I want her to have a wedding free of drama from petty people, insensitive relatives, and pressure to include religious elements in our ceremony.  One where only our friends and family who support us and love us are there.  One that is perfectly and distinctly us.

We are different people now, happier and freer people.  I think I will start my courtship today.  Make it a first date of sorts.  I’m gonna start saving to buy her the perfect, artistic ring that says everything I want it to say.  Then I’m going to ask her to marry me again, but this time as a better and happier man.


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