Child-like Faith Indeed

August 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was standing outside pacing around for about an hour now.  I’m pushing an empty swing on the swing-set in the backyard in futile restlessness.  It is humid and my minutes were starting to get expensively low but I’m having the kinda of conversation that you can’t just walk out on.  My sister and I have been going at it for a while now, going back and forth and in circles.  She’s a pretty smart person so naturally I’m getting more and more frustrated by her unwillingness to see things from a different perspective.

She’s a Christian, just like everyone else in my family professes, that is except for me.  She’s throwing out lines and clichés that I’ve heard my whole life that churches teach you say when trouble-shooting and conversation with an unbeliever.  Though it’s frustrating to have a parrot  conversation that changes topics quickly and often I am sticking out, for her.  Now I’m being asked to defend my thoughts and doubt for the 8th consecutive time this week and it’s starting to get old.

The real kicker comes however when she tells me with an air of slight condescension that she “just has childlike faith” and that she can’t relate to feeling like she needs to understand a God, and that she is okay with believing in something that is bigger than herself.  I love my sister, but what a ton of laughable crap.

It is truly convenient that Christian culture, by and large, seems to have no problem with capitalizing on all sorts of media forms that have to do with gaining and greater understanding of the Bible to make a profit.  It is truly convenient that even my sister will attend Sunday school for adults before going to worship, and will even attend conferences to further this sort of ‘education’.  It’s convenient because this concept of continual education only appears to applicable when everything is peachy and easy-going but when something goes bad, you just need to all of a sudden shut down your mental faculties and revert to this notion of “child-like faith.”  Not just that, but if you claim to have no faith in the God of the Bible, then you must automatically be arrogant and proud for not automatically believing that the “something bigger” has to be the God of Christianity.  Here is yet another example in my family lately of masked passive aggression.

It’s ironic; that her assertion doesn’t appear to come across as anything other than pompous and self-righteous while she is very mistakenly attempting to mask her words with child-like humility.  This is probably not what Jesus was talking about when he talked about the innocent trust of “little ones.”


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