A Moment of Clarity

August 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning.  The morning mountain air was crisp and despite the fact that I was standing in line at VJ’s Auto because my break lights decide to go out on our move back to Asheville North Carolina, however I am feeling very optimistic anyway.  As I am standing realizing just how much I’ve missed this place for the last 6 months having waisted life in Winston-Salem , I bump into an old friend of my dads.

Ed is a wall-eyed good ol’ boy who is,despite his appearance , quite extraverted.  It’s funny that I am bumping into him at a auto-repair shop now being that he has fixed my car for free or dirt cheap on more than one occasion as a favor to my father.  The old me probably would have seen this as a sign that I was going to get my car fixed for free somehow and that God was watching over me and showing an interest, but now I am talking to him now, just to enjoy his company without any other motive.

He’s a nice guy, if you are the right person, that is if you go to church or he at least thinks that you go to church.  He’ll spend a week fixing up some widows car just to give it to her free of charge if it means he’s doing God a solid.  He’s sure helped me out quite a bit though I always felt a little guilty that my dad might have been milking him too much and I had too by extension.  (after all I didn’t have to let him fix my car for nothing)  But now he’s talking barbecue.  He says there is no good barbecue in Asheville like there is in Marion, and that 12 bones is overpriced and overrated because Obama ate there during his campaign.  That’s about when he starts telling me about all these queens and faggots and weirdos and about how they made him want to move to Marion but how he loves the mountains anyways and always will.

Normally I’d be quite disgusted hearing this kinda language coming from anyone else, but I don’t hold it too much against Ed.  I used to think that there was ever a good reason that anyone could talk like this and not be an evil and  bitter person.  Now I guess I see it more as a condition, a sickness caught in the throes of narrow religious upbringings, rather than a decision of informed manipulative people who know better.  Ed is basically a pretty good guy, and he generally loves people as best he can, but it is still sad how religion can distort and alienate the most helpful and bright-hearted people.  It’s kinda reassuring however that I’m not the only one who it has damaged.


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